7. Food Chains and food webs

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Organisation Website
Medina Valley Pond Education Pack
Ecomove Create a Pond Food Web
Holland Park Food Chain Holland Park Food Chain
Royal Institution Pond Game
RSPB Food Chain Challenge
Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust Food Web
Cornwall Rivers Pond food chain and web
Woodland Science Resources Woodlands Science Resources
Wat Tyler Country Park Wat Tyler Country Park
Ecokids Food Chain Game
Science for Kids Science for Kids Food Chains
BGfL Food Chains

Video Clips

Organisation Video
BBC Bitesize Food Chains
Youtube Food Chain Animation
BBC Bitesize Looking at creatures in a pond
BBC Bitesize British plants, animals and landscapes through the four seasons
BBC Bitesize Animals catching their prey and hunting for food
Youyube What do Herons eat? (Watch before viewing)
Youtube Aquatic Food Chain


Organisation Resource
Neath Port Talbot County Borough Make a Food Chain (PDF)
Virginia Department of Education The Food Chain in a pond photo activity (PDF)
Sussex Wildlife Trust Creating Pond Food webs (PDF)
British Dragon fly Society Food Chains (PDF)
Wildwood Trust Frog Activity Pack (PDF)
Wirral Discovery Pack Pond Food Chains (PDF)
Holland Park Food chains (PDF)
Northern Ireland Environment Agency Living Things: Animals and Plants (PDF)
Food Chains and Food webs (PPT)
Food web in a pond and ditch (PDF)


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