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Organisation Website
The Wildlife Trusts UK Wildlife
Animal Corner British Wildlife
Bug Facts Water Insects
Wat Tyler Countrside Park Pond Creature adaptations
British Ecological Society Pond Adaptation
UK Safari Freshwater Life
Science for Kids Frog facts
Woodland Science Resources Frogs animal adaptations and survival
Countryside Info Plant adaptation to aquatic life

Video Clips

Organisation Video
BBC Bitesize Interdependence and adaptation (clip compilation)
Splash Water Fleas
E-How Adaptations for Pond Plants


Organisation Resource
British Ecological Society Lesson Plans: Adaptation to aquatic habitats (PDF)
Wirral Discovery Pack - Ponds Pond life adaptation activities (PDF)
Sussex Wildlife Trust Adaptation of pond creatures (PDF)
Suntrap Pond adaptations lesson plan (PDF)
Tpet Adaptation Word Mat (PDF)
Interdependence and adaptation slides (PPT)
Interdependence and adaptation sorting cards (Word)


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