April Week 2 The Redwing

April Week 2 The Redwing

The Redwing

Redwings can be seen in the United Kingdom all year round.

Redwings are smaller than the Song Thrush with red flanks and a prominent yellow stripe above each eye. The upperparts are olive-brown, while the underparts are pale buff with dark spots on the breast. The sides of the body and the lower part of the wings are a reddish colour. Above each eye The Redwing has a white or yellow eyebrow. Unlike the adults Juvenile young birds have light coloured spots on their back.

What does The Redwing eat?

Berries and worms.

Redwings feed in fields and hedgerows. They rarely visit gardens, except in the coldest weather when snow covers the fields.

What do birds eat? The Redwing

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