April Week 3 The Skylark

April Week 3 The Skylark

The Skylark

The Skylark is the most common lark you can see in the United Kingdom. It has a large stomach and is slightly smaller than a Starling. The upper parts are brown with heavy black lines. The lower parts are light brown and the breast is streaked with black. The outer tail feathers are white.

The Skylark is an amazing bird to watch flying in the sky. It will fly almost vertically up in the air before swooping and returning to the ground. In recent years the Skylark population in the United Kingdom has fallen rapidly so it is now listed by the RSPB as an endangered species list.

What does The Skylark eat?

Seeds and Insects.

The Skylark feeds mainly on seed and grain, but also insects.

What do birds eat? The Skylark


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