April Week 4 The Quail

April Week 4 The Quail

The Quail

The Quail is a small bird that can be seen during the summer months in the south and east of England. Its plumage is light brown with darker brown markings on the back and wings. The head is darker with a light brown streak on the crown and above each eye. The bill is grey and the legs are flesh-coloured.

The male has a dark central stripe and two curved band sat the throat. The breast of the female is spotted and the throat is paler. Juvenile Quail’s are similar in colour and appearance to the female.

The Quail nests on the ground, often in fields of clover or corn. The female makes a hollow in the ground which it covers and lines it with plant material.

What does The Quail eat?

Quail feed on the seeds of plants, such as poppy, wheat and barley, and less often insects and larvae of ants and beetles.

What do birds eat? The Quail

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