Chartham Primary School

Chartham Primary School

Chartham Primary school is situated four miles west of Canterbury. The school has large grounds and runs all year round an exciting Forest Schools Programme.

Last year to celebrate joining the See Nature Bird Box project the school ran a bird feeder competition. To take part children were invited to design and make their own bird feeders at home. After the entries were judged all the feeders were hung on the trees in the school grounds to attract the attention of local birds.

Once the competition closed two adult Blue Tits started to nest in the Webcam Bird Box situated above the school entrance and a couple of weeks later the first eggs appeared. Sadly shortly after hatching the nest was attacked and damaged by a predator, possibly a local magpie and the pair of adult Blue Tits were frightened away.

How can we protect our Bird Box in 2017?

Since last summer the school has replaced the damaged box front and to protect the box from Predators this nesting season the Site Manager is going to fit a Perspex sheet to prevent any bird chipping away and enlarging the entrance hole.

Message from the Bird Box Team:

Fingers tightly crossed Chartham that there is no repeat of this in 2017 and you once again have lots of activity in your Bird Box!

Was your bird box attacked last summer by predators? If so please let us know and visit The RSPB website for guidance on how to protect your box from predators.

We are taking part in the Perfect Pollinators Schools’ Red Mason Bee Project

Chartham Primary are one of fifteen schools taking part in the Schools’ Red Mason Bee project. The webcam Bee Box is fitted on a side wall of the building close to small patch of ground. This spring pupils will be planting seeds in this area to provide the adult Red Mason Bees this summer with all the pollen they need to line the tubes inside the box where the eggs have been laid.

Helping local farmers!

As every female Red Mason Bee can lay up to 40 eggs the school is hoping to find hundreds of bee cocoons inside the Bee Box this Autumn, and if this is repeated in 2018, hopes to give many of cocoons to the local vineyard so that the Bees the following spring can be released to pollinate the trees in the apple orchards.

Did you know? Red Mason Bees really are Perfect Pollinators. A single Red Mason Bee can pollinate and do the work of 120 honey bees!

School front entrance (Top Left)   Pupil Bird Feeders (Middle Right)

Webcam Bee Box (Middle Left)      Bee Garden (Bottom Right)


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