Common UK Bees Jigsaw Challenge

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Common UK Bees Jigsaw Challenge

Look at the photographs of the 6 Common Bees displayed on this page. Each of these Bees can be seen each spring and summer in school grounds, gardens, parks and meadows across most parts of the United Kingdom.

Can you complete the See Nature UK Bees 2017 Jigsaw Challenge? You have just 6 minutes to make all the jigsaws. Just 1 minute per jigsaw!

Ready for the challenge? Just click on each photo to display that puzzle and then start fitting the pieces together!

Jigsaw 1: The Red Mason Bee

Jigsaw 2: The Honey Bee

Jigsaw 3: White Tailed Bumble Bee

Jigsaw 4: Leaf Cutter Bee

Jigsaw 5: Tawny Mining Bee

Jigsaw 6 Wool Carder Bee

Did you manage to complete the challenge in less than 6 minutes?



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