December Week 2 The Green Woodpecker

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December Week 2 The Green Woodpecker

The Green Woodpecker

The Green Woodpecker is our largest native woodpecker. It has a green neck and wings, a yellow upper body, a yellow bottom and white upper body. Its head is red with black markings around the eyes.

How can you tell the male and female apart? The male has a black moustache which is red in the centre while the female’s moustache is all black. Unlike their parents, juvenile Green Woodpeckers are speckled with black on their bodies and heads.

What do Green Woodpeckers eat?

Diet: ants, beetles and caterpillars

They are a woodland bird that feed on insects, such as ants, beetles and caterpillars. They catch their prey using their long sticky tongues. In the summer you might also see them in woodland areas feeding on ants on the ground.

What do birds eat? The Green Woodpecker

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