December Week 3 The Blackcap

December Week 3 The Blackcap

The Blackcap

The Blackcap is a warbler with a black or red-brown cap (crown and forehead), and is a little smaller than a House Sparrow. The male has grey-brown upper parts, pale grey underparts, and a glossy black cap. The female is similar but has browner upperparts, buff and a red-brown cap. Juveniles are similar to the adult female but the juvenile males have black-brown cap and the juvenile female a yellow-brown cap. The Blackcap’s nest is a neat cup built by the female from vegetation and mud. It is can usually be seen in a hedge, bush, or brambles.

What does the Blackcap eat?

Diet: Insects and berries.

Blackcaps pick insects, such as caterpillars, flies and spiders from among the shrubs and trees during the breeding season. In the winter, they feed on fruit, such as berries.

What do birds eat? The Blackcap

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