December Week 4 The Brambling

December Week 4 The Brambling

The Brambling

The Brambling is a winter visitor to the United Kingdom. It is a finch whose plumage (feathers) changes colour between the summer and winter. In the winter, it has a black head, orange breast, white rump, and its upper parts are mainly black. However, in the summer, the male has a glossy black head and back, and orange on its breast that reach round its back in a band.

The female's summer plumage is the same as in the winter, but brighter. Juveniles are similar to females, but have a dark head and grey cheeks and neck. They build their nests in dark conifer trees close to the tree trunk.

What does The Brambling eat?

Diet: Seeds in winter; insects in summer.

Bramblings eat beech twigs, seeds and berries, and insects in the summer. While breeding they feed mainly in the trees, but at other times on the ground. In the winter they often form large flocks and find food on farmland and in beech woods.

What do birds eat? The Brambling

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