February Week 1 The Jay

February Week 1 The Jay


The Jay

The Jay is a colourful crow that is about the same size as a Jackdaw. It can be seen in all parts of the United Kingdom except the Highlands of Scotland all year round. They are mostly a pinkish brown, the underparts being slightly paler. The head has a black and white crown, black moustache and white throat. It has a white lower body and a black tail. The eyes is are pale blue, the bill is black and the legs are pink-brown. The wings are mostly black with white patches and blue markings.

What does The Jay eat?

Diet: Acorns, beech mast, fruits, insects, small rodents, bats, newts, birds' eggs and young birds.

Jays feed mainly acorns, especially in autumn where it can be seen burying them in preparation for winter. In the garden they will take peanuts and kitchen scraps left out on the ground or on a bird table.

What do birds eat? The Jay

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