February Week 2 The Chiffchaff

February Week 2 The Chiffchaff

The Chiffchaff

The Chiffchaff is about the size of a Blue Tit. Chiffchaffs are summer visitors to Britain, and are among the first migrant songbirds to arrive in the spring. In the winter they return to the Mediterranean and western Africa.

In spring and summer, they have brownish-green upper parts and buff underparts. They also have a dark eye stripe through the eye, a pale eyebrow and a thin pale eye ring. Popular places to see the Chiffchaff are tops of trees and bushes and in woodland areas.

What does The Chiffchaff eat?

Diet: Insects, such as midges and other flies, caterpillars and moths

The Chiffchaff finds food by foraging in tree canopies and among bushes. They can often be observed in the spring and summer searching the underside of leaves where aphids gather and feeding on a tree's sugary sap.

What do birds eat? The Chiffchaff

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