February Week 3 The Skylark

February Week 3 The Skylark

The Skylark

The Skylark is our most common lark. It is a small brown bird, larger than a sparrow but smaller than a starling. The Skylarks upperparts are brown with heavy black streaks. The underparts are buff to white and the breast is streaked with black. The outer tail feathers are white. The legs are yellowish-brown and the bill is horn coloured.

They can be seen in all parts of the United Kingdom (except in some upland areas) all year round. Skylarks are amazing birds to watch moving through the air. During the spring and summer months, male skylarks can be spotted rising almost vertically from farmland, grassland, salt marshes and moorland and hovering and singing from a great height before parachuting back down to earth.

What does The Skylark eat?

 The Skylark feeds mainly on seed and grain, but also insects.

Skylarks eat worms, insects and their larvae, spiders and slugs. They also eat seeds, the leaves of root crops and some wild flowers. Nestlings are fed invertebrates when they are young and still being fed by their parents.

What do birds eat? The Skylark

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