February Week 4 The Linnet

February Week 4 The Linnet

The Linnet

The Linnet is a small slim finch. They live and breed all year round and can be seen in all parts of the UK. The Linnet population here in the British Isles has dropped by 57% since 1970. They are now an endangered species.

The Linnet has a pink rump and streaky upper parts. Like all finches the Linnet has a deeply forked short tail. Both the male and female Linnet have a chestnut mantle and whitish underparts with brown streaks, but the female is duller than the male. The Linnets bill is grey and the legs are flesh-brown. Young juveniles are similar to the female adult birds, but paler and with bolder streaks.

What does The Linnet eat?

Seeds and Insects.

Linnets feed mainly on small seeds, such as dandelion and oil rape seed, but also on some insects, especially in the summer. In winter, they often form large flocks, sometimes mixed flocks with other seed-eaters, and feed in open country on stubble, salt-marshes and wasteland.

What do birds eat? The Linnet

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