Happy Easter, the first eggs, and “Duck Cam”!

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Happy Easter, the first eggs, and “Duck Cam”!

We would like to wish a very Happy Easter to all of our schools and everyone watching in the wider community. What a great time to report that eggs have been sighted this week in a number of boxes! St Augustine's (West Sussex), St Margaret's (West Sussex), Ringwood (Hants), Grovelands (East Sussex), Ash Grange (Surrey), Hillcroft (Surrey) and Cecil Road (Kent) have all reported spotting eggs in their nests. Have you seen any more? If so, please let everyone know in the comments on the boxes stream page.

In other exciting Easter news, we have installed our first ever "Duck Cam" at St Margaret's in West Sussex. They were lucky to have a duck nest and lay here eggs in their school grounds, and we were able to set up a camera very close. The eggs are expected to hatch in a couple of weeks time, so stay tuned, and have a wonderful Easter break.

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