January Week 1 The Waxwing

January Week 1 The Waxwing

The Waxwing

Waxwings live during the summer months in Scandinavia and Russia but leave and migrate to the British Isles during the very cold winter months. Waxwings are about the size of a Starling and in flight look very similar with their short triangle shaped wings.

The Waxwing is mostly pink-beige. They have a black mask and bib. The tail is tipped with yellow and there are yellow and white markings on the wings. The secondary wing feathers have red waxy "fingers". The rump is grey. The legs and bill are black. Juveniles are like the adult Waxwings but have no black bib and no waxy red "fingers".

What does the Waxwing eat?

Diet: Seeds in winter; rowan and hawthorn berries.

Waxwings in the summer feed on insects. In the winter they will eat rowan and hawthorn berries in urban gardens. All year round they can often be seen in and around supermarkets and retail parks where the parking areas are bordered by rowan or hawthorn bushes.

What do birds eat? The Waxwing



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