January Week 2 The Mistle Thrush

January Week 2 The Mistle Thrush

The Mistle Thrush

The Mistle Thrush is bigger and paler than a Song Thrush. The upperparts of the Mistle Thrush are grey-brown. The breast and sides are light brown with bold black spots, which are scattered all over the underparts. The wing feathers have light coloured edges.

In flight, the Mistle Thrush usually flies at tree top height with several wing beats separated by short glides.

Juveniles are pale and heavily spotted on the upper parts.

What does The Mistle Thrush eat?

Diet: Seeds in winter; rowan and hawthorn berries.

The Mistle Thrush's diet is the same as that of the Song Thrush. It eats insects, worms, slugs and berries, such as yew, rowan, hawthorn and holly. In the winter, a Mistle Thrush will fight and defend a bush covered in berries from other thrushes.

What do birds eat? The Mistle Thrush

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