January Week 4 The Hawfinch

January Week 4 The Hawfinch

The Hawfinch

The Hawfinch is a winter visitor to the south-east and north-west part of England. A small number of these birds can also be viewed in South-Wales all year round.

The Hawfinch is a large, heavily built finch with a large head and a strong, conical shaped bill. The back is a rusty-brown, the breast and belly are buff and the head is orange-brown with a black bib and grey neck. The wings are blue-black with a white wing patch. The tail is short with a broad white terminal band. The bill is grey-blue in summer, yellow in winter and the legs are flesh-brown.

Juvenile heads are more orange coloured and do not have the black markings. Their breast is grey-yellow and the belly is darkly spotted.

What does The Hawfinch eat?

Diet: Cherry stones, oak buds and insects including beetles.

This bird’s mouth and its muscles are so powerful they can crush cherry stones by applying a force of over 500 Newtons (kN.)

What do birds eat? The Hawfinch

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