March Week 1 The Willow Warbler

March Week 1 The Willow Warbler

The Willow Warbler

The Willow Warbler is very similar to The Chiffchaff in appearance. It is a summer visitor to the United Kingdom. This Warbler has greenish-brown upper parts, buff underparts and a pale stripe above the eye. The Willow Warbler is more yellow in colour than The Chiffchaff. Its bill is pale brown and its legs are dark brown to flesh-coloured.

In the autumn, young juvenile Willow Warblers with new fresh plumage (feathers) can be very yellow looking.

What does The Willow Warbler eat?

Small insects and in the summer months fruits and berries.

Willow Warblers feed on insects, and are unlikely to visit bird feeders. They can often be seen on the ends of leaves and branches searching the undersides of the leaves for aphids because this is where the aphids feed on the tree's sap.

Gardens with lots of shrubs that are home to small insects will also attract Willow Warblers

What do birds eat? The Willow Warbler


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