March Week 2 The Rook

March Week 2 The Rook

The Rook


The Rook is about the same size as the Carrion Crow. It has a greyish-white face and a thin and head. Its plumage is all black with a reddish or purplish gloss but around the base of its beak - nostrils and chin - is bare skin. The Rook’s untidy appearance arises from the slightly peaked head and the thigh feathers, which look like baggy trousers. The bill and legs are black.

How do you tell The Rook apart from the Carrion Crow? The Rook's bill is longer and more pointed than that of the Carrion Crow.

What does The Rook eat?

Worms, grain, nuts and insects, small mammals, birds (especially eggs and nestlings.)

The Rook's diet, like most crows, is diverse and includes insects, worms, carrion and seeds. They will visit bird tables for scraps and fruit.

What do birds eat? The Rook

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