March Week 3 The Swift

March Week 3 The Swift

The Swift

The Swift arrives in the UK in the last week of April or early May and stay only long enough to breed. Autumn migration begins in late July or early August once there are fewer flying insects to eat. They can often be seen flying high in the sky over fields and meadows during the summer months.

The Swift is a sooty-brown apart from a whitish throat. The beak is small but the gape is very wide for catching flying insects. They have a forked tailed, but it is not as forked as the Swallow's. The bill and legs are black. Did you know? A Swift’s wings are so long and their legs so short that they are unable to walk or take off from the ground.

What does The Swift eat?

Flying insects and airborne spiders.

The Swifts fly at different altitudes (heights) for insects depending on the weather or where the insects can be found. When it is warm, the insects are carried to higher altitudes. When it is colder, the insects are nearer the ground.

What do birds eat? The Swift


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