March Week 4 The Swallow

March Week 4 The Swallow

The Swallow

Another bird arriving in the UK this Easter and spring is the Swallow. Each year they migrate to the UK from Africa.

The male and female are very similar. Both have metallic royal blue upperparts, a cream-buff coloured lower body and a red-brown forehead, chin and throat. Their tails have white markings along the inside edges of the fork. Their bill and legs are black. Juvenile chicks do not have the red-brown markings and the tail streamers are much shorter.

What does The Swallow eat?

A range of small invertebrates which are caught on the wing.

Swallows are aerial feeders, meaning they eat flying insects like ballooning spiders, mosquitoes, flies, gnats and flying ants.

What do birds eat? The Swallow

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