May Week 1 The Serin

May Week 1 The Serin

The Serin

The Serin is a summer visitor to southern England, usually seen in the spring and autumn. Serins are small, short-billed yellow finches that may be confused with Siskins, juvenile Greenfinches and Canaries. Siskins and Greenfinches are both larger.

The male has green streaked upperparts and whitish underparts. The rump, head and breast are bright yellow. The tail is deeply forked and the bill and legs are flesh-brown. The female is duller and browner. Juveniles are brown-buff and heavily streaked.

What does The Serin eat?


Seeds, buds and small invertebrates.

Serins feed on seeds, especially those of weeds, birch, and alder.

What do birds eat?  The Serin

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