May Week 2 The Turtle Dove

May Week 2 The Turtle Dove

The Turtle Dove

The Turtle Dove is smaller than a Collared Dove.

The head is blue-grey with a black and white patch on the side of the neck. The throat and breast are pale pink and the belly white. The wings and back have black and chestnut tortoiseshell-like markings. The yellow eye is surrounded by orange-coloured skin. The bill is black and the legs pink. Juveniles are duller and browner, have no neck patch, and buff-coloured breast.

In recent years the number of Turtle Dove’s has fallen. Bird Watchers believe the lack of food (seed and grain) during the breeding season is the reason why we see fewer Dove’s in our gardens today.

What does the Turtle Dove eat?

Seeds and fruit.

Turtle Doves feed on the fruits and seeds of wild flowers and cereals, such as buttercup and chickweed.

What do birds eat? The Turtle Dove

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