May Week 4 The Barn Owl

May Week 4 The Barn Owl

The Barn Owl

The beautiful Barn Owl is mainly nocturnal, sleeps during the day and is awake at night. They are about the same size as Tawny Owls. The white heart-shaped face and dark eyes are distinctive features of Barn Owls. The upperparts are a golden colour with pale grey and black marks.. The underparts and feathered legs are white.

The male and female are similar, but the female has slightly more marks and spots on her back and breast, and is larger and weighs more than the male. When they are seen hunting in daylight, they appear low over the ground and often look like a very large moth in flight.

What does The Barn Owl eat?

Small mammals, frogs, birds, and insects.

Their prey is normally caught during the night, though when they are feeding young or struggling to find enough food during harsh winter weather the birds can be seen in the daytime.

What do birds eat? The Barn Owl


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