November Week 2 The Nightingale

November Week 2 The Nightingale

The Nightingale

The Nightingale is little larger than the garden Robin. It has a broad tail and is a plain brown colour. In the United Kingdom they can be found in woodland areas and hedgerows over much of the south and east of England. They are best known for their singing. This consists of high and low sounds that few birds can match. The Nightingale is a spring and summer visitor to the United Kingdom. They arrive in April and sing until late May and early June. They leave again from July to September.

What does The Nightingale eat?

Diet: Insects and berries

Insects form the greater part of the Nightingale's diet. These they find on the ground. In the autumn they will also eat berries that they find in the hedgerows and in the woods.

What do birds eat? The Nightingale

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