November Week 3 The Bullfinch

November Week 3 The Bullfinch

The Bullfinch

The Bullfinch is a quiet bird that spends its time among the branches in woodlands areas. Both the male and the female have black bills and black wings. The male has a blue-grey back and bright rose-pink breast, belly and cheeks. The female has a brown back and pinkish-fawn underparts. Juvenile Bullfinches are like the adult female, but do not have black caps.

What does The Bullfinch eat?

Diet: Insects, berries and seeds.

Bullfinches feed on insects, berries, seeds (dock, nettle, bramble, ash, birch, honesty), and buds. When they visit the garden they usually take seed from a hanging seed feeder or suet cake.


What do birds eat? The Bullfinch

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