November Week 4 The Whitethroat

November Week 4 The Whitethroat

The Whitethroat

The Whitethroat is about the size of a great tit. It has quite a long tail which it flicks and cocks as it darts rapidly in and out of cover. The male has a grey head, a white throat and a brown back, and is buff underneath. It is a summer visitor. It winters in Africa, south of the Sahara. Whitethroats hide in bushes and hedges, but when it is sunny they will often perch at the top of a bush and sing.

What doesThe Whitethroat eat?

Diet: Insects, berries and fruit in the autumn.

In the breeding season they eat mainly insects, especially beetles, caterpillars and bugs. Towards the end of the summer and into the autumn they eat berries.

What do birds eat? The Whitethroat

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