October Week 3 The Common Gull

October Week 3 The Common Gull

The Common Gull

Do you live near or often visit the sea? The Common Gull looks like a small, gentler version of the herring gull, with greenish legs and a yellow bill. In the summer, the adult birds have blue-grey wings and white head, neck and breast. In the winter, the bill is duller with a thick black band towards the tip and the head is streaked grey. They can be seen all year round on our sea cliffs and shoreline but can now increasingly seen in towns and on housing estates in winter.

What do Common Gulls eat?

Diet: Carrion worms, insects, mollusks and fish.

Common gulls eat fish and marine and freshwater invertebrates, both alive and already dead. They also eat earthworms, rodents, eggs, carrion and small reptiles. In the winter, they can often be found scavenging at landfill sites with other species of gulls.

What do birds eat? The Common Gull

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