October Week 4 The Siskin

October Week 4 The Siskin

The Siskin

The siskin is a small finch. It is much smaller than a greenfinch. It has a forked tail and a long narrow bill. The male has a yellow-green body and a black crown and bib. There are yellow patches in the wings and tail. It can be seen all year round from southern England to northern Scotland, but is most numerous in Scotland and Wales. In winter Siskin’s migrate to the United Kingdom from East and Central Europe.

What do Siskins eat?

Diet: Seeds, especially of conifers, alders and birch, and some insects.

Siskins have smaller bills than other finches and are seed eaters. They eat mainly cone seeds such as birch, alder, spruce and pine. They visit gardens when food is harder to find in the woods and are attracted to red coloured feeders containing peanuts, seeds or fat.

What do birds eat? The Siskin

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