Perfect Pollinators Glossary 2

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Perfect Pollinators Glossary 2

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Perfect Pollinators Glossary 2

mortar:  a liquid paste made from mud used in a Red Mason Nest to make a wall around an egg.

stem:  the main part of a plant that develops buds and shoots and usually grows above ground.

flint:  a hard dark quartz (piece of rock) that produces a spark when struck by steel.

gutter:  a pipe or open channel for draining water. Found on the side of a roof or along the edge of a road or street.

cell: a very small part of a plant, It has a centre and is surrounded by a very thin membrane.

pellet: a small round piece of mud carried by the female red mason bee and used to block the entrance to the nest.

moulting:  the shedding (removing) of the outer skin of an insect.

abdomen: the part of a bee behind the Thorax and the legs.

sac:  part of a bee. It looks like a bag and contains liquid or air.

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