Perfect Pollinators Glossary 5

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Perfect Pollinators Glossary 5

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Perfect Pollinators Glossary 5

tawny: An orange-brown or yellowish-brown colour.

ginger: Fur of a light reddish-yellow or orange-brown colour.

mining: Digging in the earth to make a small or deep hole in the ground.

furry: Short, fine, soft hair that covers animals, birds and some insects.

burrow: A hole or tunnel dug in the ground by a small animal or insect. In the burrow the animal or insect will build a nest and care for its young.

volcano: A conical shaped small mound of soil made by a Tawny Mining Bee as it digs a tunnel in the ground to the chambers where its eggs can be found.

mound: A pile of soil or rocks that is higher than the land around it.

conical: Shaped like a cone.

chambers: Small rooms underground. A Tawny Mining Bee will lay one egg in each chamber and surround it with pollen for the larvae to feed on.

parasite: A small organism (living thing) which will feed on the pollen inside a solitary bees nest. This action can result in an egg dying.

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