Perfect Pollinators Glossary 6

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Perfect Pollinators Glossary 6

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Perfect Pollinators Glossary 6

species: A type of plant or animal whose members have the same features and are able to breed with each other.

scopa: A small brush-like tuft of hairs on a bees legs that collect pollen.

polylectic: An insect (especially a bee) which collects pollen from a variety of flowers and plants.

Cuckoo Bee: A species of solitary bee that lays its eggs in another bees chamber. When they start to grow the larvae of that bee feed on the pollen left in the chamber for the host bees eggs.

Flower Bee: A large solitary bee that is often mistake for a bumblebee. It often nests in the soft mortar and exposed holes in old walls.

forage: To search over a wide area and visit a lot of plants and flowers to find pollen.

flying season: The time of year when bees can be seen flying through the air from plant to plant.

metamorphosis: The process of transformation from an immature form (egg, larvae) to an adult form (insect) in two or more stages.

dormantSome insects and animals (including solitary bees) have the ability to not be active or growing for a period of time. We call this process hibernation.

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