Perfect Pollinators Red Mason Bee schools’ Project launching January 2017

//Perfect Pollinators Red Mason Bee schools’ Project launching January 2017

Perfect Pollinators Red Mason Bee schools’ Project launching January 2017

Still time to join this incredible, ground breaking Key Stages 1 and 2 Science and Nature web cam project!


Our Installation Engineers will be visiting primary schools in Kent and Sussex next month to install our first set of Webcam Bee Boxes. Each box is fitted with a webcam that will record activity in the top 6 tubes as the female bee lays her first clutch of eggs in April and May.

Our Webcam Bee Boxes have been supplied by Garden Nature.

Create a mini meadow in your school grounds


Every school in the project will receive late January/early February a set of 12 – 15 Red Mason Bee cocoons that will be placed in the trays inside the box. The Bees inside the cocoons will exit the Box in late March / early April when the temperatures outside rise. From that moment Adult Bees will look for pollen/nectar to add to the trays to feed the growing larvae.

To support The Red Mason Bees schools are encouraged to plant meadow seed outside in the ground or in trays or large planters.

Receive a bag of free Meadow Seeds from Friends of the Earth (FoE.)

Friends of the Earth are giving schools that take part in their Soil Sample Survey a bag of free meadow seed! Click here to find out how your school can receive a bag of seeds selected to match your soil type.

What will schools in the Red Mason Bee project be doing?

During March, April, May and June 2017 schools will be posting on their Bee Webcam Page regular updates about what is happening in the box.

To support the project See Nature have created a library of over 100 Teaching and Learning Resources to support six Science based projects that feature in the new primary science curriculum.


6 Topic Red Mason Bee Educational programme

Taking part in The Polli Nation Survey

We encourage all schools taking part in the Red Mason Bee project to take part in this survey between April and October 2017!


The Polli Nation survey is a large-scale national survey that will provide answers to important research questions about the health and status of pollinating insects across the UK. You can contribute to this research by surveying a small 10 by 10 metre area in your school grounds.

For more information about taking part and to download the Polli Nation resource pack for schools click here.

Apply to join The Perfect Pollinators Red Mason Bee schools' Project Now!

Red Mason Bee Schools' Project Order form



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