Pupil Zone Week 10

Pupil Zone Week 10

Visit Pupil Zone (Pzone) to find exciting things to do and make linked to the topic and bird of the week!

Adaptation - RSPB Bill Waiter Please Game

Feed the birds at the Woodland Restaurant.

Match the foods to the correct beak type.

Look carefully at each beak before deciding what to give each bird  to eat!

To play just click on the image below.








Video - Birds' beaks with Graham Appleton

Graham Appleton from the British Trust for Ornithology is fascinated by birds. In this short video he describes how birds use their beaks as tools to get their food. Just as farmers have a wide range of tools in their workshops to grow our food, so too do birds have all different kinds of beaks to use as tools for finding and eating their food.

To play the video just click on the image.

Adaptation - Birds beaks and feet games

Test your knowledge! 

Take a look at all the birds in your school grounds and garden. Chances are you'll see several different types of birds, each with different beaks and feet.

These birds all live close to where you live and go to school. Can you think why they different?

To play the games click on the image.

Long Tailed Tit Jigsaw

The Long Tailed Tit is a small bird whose black and white tail is longer than its body. Its shoulders and underparts are pinkish and the head has a white crown with black marks above the eyes. The Long-tailed Tit's nest is a ball of moss, spiders' webs, lichen, feathers, and hair that is built by both birds in a bush, hedge or tree. It takes the adult male and female about 3 weeks to build the nest.

Jigsaw Challenge - Click on the photograph and see if you can fit together the pieces of the Long Tailed Tit jigsaw in less than 60 seconds!


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