Pupil Zone 2020 Week 4

Pupil Zone 2020 Week 4

Visit Pupil Zone (Pzone) find exciting things to do and make linked to the topic and bird of the week!

Caring for the birds that visit our gardens

It is important that all birds enjoy a healthy diet. To provide for the birds that visit your garden why not hang up a bird feeder and stock it each week with nuts and seeds? Click on the links below to find out how to turn an old plastic milk bottle in to a bird feeder and step by step instructions on how how to make a bird cake.

Care UK Making fat cakes to feed the birds

RSPB Make a bottle bird feeder

Bird ID and Feeding Chart

How to feed garden birds - Simon King Wildlife Expert (Video)

Not sure what type of feeder to hang outside or what food to give the birds that visit your garden? Then click on the image below to watch and listen to wildlife expert Simon King talking about what food different species of garden birds need to eat to stay fit and healthy.

The Starling

Starlings live in the United Kingdom all year round although numbers increase in the winter after migrating starlings from Eastern Europe arrive in the United Kingdom and stay until late spring. Black in colour with a metallic green and purple sheen, Starlings often visit gardens at this time of year in search of food.

Click on the photo of the Starling and see if you can complete this weeks 24 piece jigsaw puzzle in less than 60 seconds!

Enjoyed the fun activities? Look out for more fun things to do and make next week!


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