Pupil Zone 2019 week 6

Pupil Zone 2019 week 6

Visit Pupil Zone (Pzone) to find exciting things to do and make linked to the topic and bird of the week!

The life cycle of a bird

Did you know? The time it takes for a Blue Tit egg to incubate, hatch and for the chick to grow and then leave the nest is less than 35 days!

Here are 2 sequencing activities for you to complete. How quickly can you arrange the cards and sentences in the correct order?

Can you complete each activity in less than 60 seconds?

Bird Life Cycle Sentence and Photo Matching Activity

Life Cycle of a bird sequencing Activity

Adult birds and juvenile chicks

Can you recognise the difference betweenan adult bird and its chick?

Look carefully at the images of 8 adults and their checks. Can you match each adult and chick. If you need help then click here to visit the RSPB website.

The Challenge! - Try and complete this activity in less than 60 seconds.

Matching Activity - Juvenile Chicks

Matching Activity - Adult birds

Matching Activity - Adults and Juveniles answer sheet

Video: The Life cycle of a bird

Click on the photo to watch the wonderful video The Life Cycle of a Bird made by a class of American school children.

Why not observe and take photos every day of the birds inside your school nest box and make a PowerPoint presentation about the eggs hatching and the chicks growing?

Challenge: Completed the task? Send us a copy of your work so we can share it with others on the See Nature website.

Goldfinch Jigsaw

Goldfinches are small birds that have red faces and small yellow patches on each wing. They are frequent visitors to gardens, parks and school grounds. during the spring and summer months. They usually build their nests on tree branches so look out for one the next time you visit a wood!

Jigsaw Challenge - Click on the photo and see if you can fit together the pieces of the jigsaw in less than 60 seconds!

Enjoyed the fun activities?

Look out for more things to do and make next week!


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