Sandwich Junior School

Sandwich Junior School

Sandwich Junior School is a two form entry school situated on the east Kent coast in a semi-rural area. We are blessed with a generous playing field, a variety of trees and a small woodland area. We are lucky to host a variety of birds, which we have observed in our yearly RSPB Birdwatch surveys as well as throughout the year.

The new bird box and camera which was installed in February was located in the same place as our old bird box and the very next day we had an adult Blue Tit move in, much to the children’s delight! Approximately two weeks later, we observed that there was now a pair of Blue Tits sleeping in the nesting box. After a reasonable period of little to report, finally this week they have started to nest build. We thought it was a little strange that the Blue Tits were stripping the wood at the bottom of the box to create channels; however, after a little research it appears that this is normal Blue Tit behaviour and the nest building appears to be growing at pace.  We are eagerly watching this new stage and hope that we might see eggs towards or at the end of the Easter period.

In addition to our Blue Tits, we also have a pair of collared doves who nest each year on top of a statue in our internal courtyard. As yet we have not seen them hatch a clutch of eggs successfully, but we can’t deny their perseverance and hope that they might be successful this year.

We have also loved looking at the other bird boxes on the website, in order to see what is happening in different locations throughout Kent! We can’t wait to see more egg and chick activity in the coming weeks.

Report written by: Miss L. Blair (Teacher)


Sandwich Junior School Bird Box (Top Left)    

Collared doves in school courtyard (Bottom Right)

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