September Week 4 The Feral Pigeon

September Week 4 The Feral Pigeon

The Feral Pigeon

The Feral Pigeon (also known as Domestic or Town Pigeon) is descended from the Rock Dove. The underparts and upper parts of this bird are blue-grey, and it has a white patch on its rump. The neck is green and purple and the wings are grey except for two distinct black wing-bars. The eyes and legs are red. Feral Pigeons often choose to live on ledges in towns and cities.

What do Feral Pigeons eat?

Diet: The feral pigeon feeds on grain, seeds and kitchen scraps.

Feral pigeons can often be seen eating grass seeds and berries in parks and gardens. They will also all year round scavenge and looks for food in cartons and bins. During the summer months they also eat insects and spiders.

What do birds eat? The Feral Pigeon

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