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Garden Birds – The Goldfinch

Birds that visit our school grounds and gardens

Each week we will be featuring a bird that frequently visits our school grounds and gardens. This week our chosen bird is The Goldfinch.

The Goldfinch has a bright red face and yellow patches on both wings. The adult male and female are alike except that the red face of the male extends behind its ear. Juveniles are dull brown in colour and lack the red, black and white markings on the head.

Goldfinches live all year round in all parts of the British Isles except the Scottish Highlands. They nest and can often be seen in trees, large gardens, orchards, open woodland and hedgerows.

The female Goldfinch can have 2 to 3 clutches of eggs each year. Each clutch will consist of 3 to 7 eggs which take 10 to 14 days to hatch. Young chicks will stay in the nest for up to 18 days before they fledge.

Goldfinch facts

Distribution: Goldfinches live all year round in all parts of Britain except the Highlands of Scotland.

Habitat: The Goldfinch will often build its nest in a tree towards the end of a branch.

Description: The head of both the adult male is mix of red, white and black. The body of the Goldfinch is golden brown body and it has bright yellow markings on both wings.

Size: Length: 12 cm. Wingspan: 21-25 cm. Weight: 14-17 grams.

Life-span: A Goldfinch can live for up to 2 years in the wild.

Food: Tree seeds, such as alder and birch, thistle, teasel and dandelion seeds

To download your copy own copy of our two fabulous Goldfinch facts sheets. Just click on the thumbnail images below!


Adult Goldfinch (Top Right)    Goldfinch nest (Bottom Left)


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