The Greenfinch

The Greenfinch

Birds that visit our gardens and school grounds

Each week we will be featuring a bird that frequently visits our school grounds and gardens. This week our chosen bird is The Greenfinch.

The Greenfinch with its forked tail is about the size of a Great Tit. The adult male is mostly olive-green except for yellow markings on its outer wing and tail feathers while the adult female has a grey-brown body and fewer yellow markings on the wings and tail than the male.

Greenfinches nest in colonies in dense shrubs. The nests are made from twigs and grass, and lined with fine roots and hair. An adult female will lay a clutch of 3 to 8 eggs in April. These eggs are white in colour with beige (light brown) markings. After 12 to 14 days in the nest the eggs will hatch. A further 13 to 16 days later the young chicks will fledge and leave the nest.

Greenfinch facts

Distribution: Found all year round across all parts of the United Kingdom except some high ground in Scotland where there are no trees or bushes.

Habitat: Can be seen in woods, hedges, and farmland and in parks, town and village gardens and orchards.

Description: Male: Yellow-green with yellow wing bar and tail edges. Female: like the male but more grey in colour.

Size: Length: 15 cms. Weight: Weight: 25 - 32 grams.

Life-span: A Greenfinch can live for up to 2 years.

Food: Feed on insects, seeds, buds and berries.


To download your own copy of our fabulous Greenfinch facts sheets just click on the thumbnail images below.

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