The Leaf Cutter Bee

The Leaf Cutter Bee

Each week in the “All about Bees” section of the website we will be featuring a different common UK bee that frequently visits our gardens and open spaces where wild flowers and plants grow. This week our chosen bee is The Leaf Cutter Bee.

The Leaf Cutter Bee

The Leaf-cutter Bee is a small solitary bee. There are eight different species of Leaf-cutter bees in the United Kingdom. They look like Honey Bees except for the underside (lower part) of their abdomen that is orange.

Leaf-cutter Bees nest in holes in plant stems, dead wood, cliffs or old walls, and can be seen in gardens. They get their name because they are famous for cutting and removing the centre of leaves. They do this to build the 'cells' in which their larvae live. Leaf-cutter Bees can be seen outside from April to August. They feed solely on pollen and nectar.

Leaf Cutter Bee Facts

Type: Solitary Bee

Location: All parts of the United Kingdom but seen less in the north.

Habitat: Plant stems, dead wood, cliffs, old walls and gardens.

Colour: Like the Honey Bee except lower part of body that is orange.

Size: 9 to 13 millimetres.

Diet: Pollen and nectar.

On the wing: Early April to August.

Life expectancy: Male (2-3 weeks), Female (12-16 weeks)

To download your own copy of our Leaf Cutter Bee Fact Sheet just click on the thumbnail image below! 



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