The White Tailed Bumble Bee

The White Tailed Bumble Bee

Each week in the “All about Bees” section of the website we will be featuring a different common UK bee that frequently visits our gardens and open spaces where wild flowers and plants grow. This week our chosen bee is The White tailed Bumble Bee.

The White tailed Bumble Bee

The White-tailed bumble bee can be seen in all parts of the United Kingdom. It emerges in early spring and can be seen feeding on flowers from early March to September. The best places to see this common bee are gardens, farmland, woodlands, hedges and heathland. Basically anywhere there are plenty of plants for it to feed on.

As with other non-solitary bees, the queen emerges from hibernation in the spring and starts the colony by laying a few eggs that hatch as workers. Male bees emerge later and mate with the new queens. Both the males and old queen then die in the autumn before the new queen hibernates.

White Tailed Bumble Bee facts

Type: Bumble Bee

Location: All parts of the United Kingdom.

Habitat: Gardens, farmland, woodlands, hedges and heathland.

Colour: Black and lemon-yellow bands and a white 'tail'.

Size: 20 to 25 millimetres.

Diet: Pollen and nectar.

On the wing: Early March to September

Life expectancy: Female 1 year, Male (12 – 16 weeks.)

To download your copy own copy of our White tailed Bumble Bee Fact Sheet just click on the thumbnail image below! 

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