The Wool Carder Bee

The Wool Carder Bee

Each week in the “All about Bees” section of the website we will be featuring a different common UK bee that frequently visits our gardens and open spaces where wild flowers and plants grow. This week our chosen bee is The Wool Carder Bee.

The Wool Carder Bee

The Wool Carder Bee is one of the largest solitary bees in the United Kingdom. Both the male and the female have yellow markings across their abdomen. These bees collect pollen using the stiff feathers on the back of their abdomen.

The Wool Carder bee nests in holes in the ground, old wood bark and cut bamboo canes. It is a regular visitor throughout June, July and August to flower rich habitats that include coastal cliffs, sand dunes and roadside grass verges.

The Wool Carder is so named because it removes hairs from the stems of plants to build its nest.

Wool Carder Bee facts

Type: Solitary Bee

Location: All parts of Southern England and Wales.

Habitat: Nests are found in holes in the ground, wood bark and bamboo. canes.

Colour: Black with yellow markings across the abdomen.

Size: 11 to 13 millimetres.

Diet: Pollen and nectar.

On the wing: Late May to August.

Life expectancy: Less than 1 season. 10 -12 weeks.

To download your own copy of our Wool Carder Bee Fact Sheet just click on the thumbnail image below! 

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