Week 1 August Fat bird cake

Week 1 August Fat bird cake

Fat bird cake

You will need: Ingredients:

  • Lard or suet
  • Meal worms (optional)
  • Oats (optional)
  • Bird seed
  • String
  • Mould – yogurt pots are ideal

This recipe will make 2 large yogurt pot fat cakes.

How to make it! You will need:

  • A selection of small yoghurt pots.
  1. Melt the lard in a pan on the stove.
  2. Add the oats, bird seed and mealworms to the pan.
  3. Make a small hole in the base of each of the yoghurt pots and pass the string through the holes.
  4. Tie a knot at the end of the string. (This will enable you to hang each pot from your hanging feeder or a tree branch.)
  5. Now pour the mixture in to the pots and leave to cool and set in the fridge overnight.
  6. Next morning hang the pots outside for visiting birds to eat and enjoy!

Recipe sheet: Fat bird cake

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