Week 1 July: La Sauce Bird Food Mix

Week 1 July: La Sauce Bird Food Mix

La Sauce bird food mix

United States


 A spring and summer bird recipe that you can easily make using ingredients purchased from a bird food supplier.

You will need:


  • Shelled sunflower seeds
  • Dry currants
  • Ground eggshells
  • Sunflower oil

How to make it!

  •  Take half a cup of berries and chop them in to small pieces.
  • Mix together the berries and two cups of seeds.
  • Add the ground egg shells to the mix and a tablespoon of sunflower oil to moisten. The oil helps the egg-shell powder stick to the seeds.
  • Leave for a few minutes. If the mixture is not moist enough add a teaspoon or two of water.
  • Place the mixture out on your bird table or add it to your hanging feeders.

Bluebirds eating the LA Sauce bird food mix

La sauce bird food mix - United States




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