Week 1 September The Collared Dove

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Week 1 September The Collared Dove

The Collared Dove

The Collared Dove is small, slim dove with quite a long tail It is much smaller than a Wood Pigeon. Collared doves are distinct for the black semi-circular line at the back of their necks. With very deep red eyes and a pale pinkish buff, the collared dove is fairly common in the UK. Collared doves are common visitors to the British garden. They can also be spotted around town and village centres. The average life span of a Collared Dove is 3 years.

What do Collared Doves eat?

Diet: Mainly seeds and grain.

Collared doves will feed all year round on small bird seed hung from handing feeders with trays. They will also feed on bread crumbs from bird tables. In the autumn they will eat berries and, more rarely, caterpillars and aphids in the spring.

What do birds eat? The Collared Dover

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