Welcome to Bird Box 2019

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Welcome to Bird Box 2019

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Welcome to Bird Box 2019!

View live video from inside 80 south-east schools' Bird Boxes this spring and summer!

Soon after the cold weather disappears it will be spring again and pairs of adult birds will be busy nest building. Like us I am sure you are hoping a pair of adult birds will make their home in your school bird box this spring. Until then keep going to your school web page to see if any birds are "roosting" and sleeping in your Bird Box every night.

Let's help our garden birds this spring? Early spring is a difficult time for all adult birds. The berries and nuts are yet to appear on the trees, plants and bushes and there are few insects on the ground to eat. To help our birds stay fit and healthy why not put feed out regularly on a bird table or hanging feeder? If you are not sure what to feed the birds in your school grounds or gardens at home click on the links below and visit our Bird Feeder project.

What do birds eat?

Bird food recipes


Preparing food for garden birds takes just a few minutes.  Go on do your bit this spring to help nature!

Meet the Alderney Puffins

Watch with amazement these brightly coloured sea birds!

Each year 200 Puffins will travel from the shores of Newfoundland close to Canada to the small island of Burhou next to Alderney in the Channel Islands to breed and raise their young. For just 12 weeks the Puffins will leave the water to live in old rabbit burrows. Each pair will raise one Puffling (chick) who will in early July leave the burrow and makes its way out to sea with its parents. However, whilst on land you will be able to watch live video from the island of Burhou of the adult Puffins and their young Puffling chicks streamed to your laptops and hand held devices by members of the Alderney Wildlife Trust.

Looking forward to Bird Box 2019? So are we! Fingers crossed ……. Let’s hope every school bird box is home this spring and summer to a pair of nesting adult birds!

Best Wishes from

The Bird Box Team


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