Bird Box 2019 Week 11: What can we do to attract more birds to our school grounds?

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Bird Box 2019 Week 11: What can we do to attract more birds to our school grounds?


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Just two school bird boxes have chicks still in the nest waiting to fledge. Soon the nesting season will be over and our attention will turn to caring for and helping the young chicks that have just been born and the other wildlife that visits and lives in our school grounds.

With summer fast approaching Chatterbox this week will focus on What we can all do to attract more birds and other wildlife to our school grounds?

Remember that anything that you and your school does for wildlife today will be for the future as well. There are lots of great quick and easy things that you can do - make a bird feeder, make a suet bird cake, make a bug hotel. There are other things that take more time and planning! A quick look around your school grounds will help decide what you have got and what is missing. If you are missing something like a wild flower meadow this is something that needs planning. You will need to work out where a good place will be to plant your meadow seeds - this will be a sunny place. Also you'll have to check with other people that use the area - for example don't dig up the running track or football pitch! Digging a pond is also a huge, expensive job, and so is looking after it! There are many things to consider.

Great ideas for attracting wildlife?

A good starting place for these big ideas is to use your school map. Use the map to plan your wild ideas and help explain what you'd like to do and why. The more information you gather the better.

You might want to start a nature club at school. This can be a group of people interested in birds and other wildlife who want to find out more. You might decide that your club wants to help younger children enjoy wildlife, or that you want to tell everyone in the school about how they can do little things to help look after wildlife - like not dropping harmful rubbish. You might want to run an Environmental campaign to tell everyone in the school about the birds and other wildlife on their own doorstep.

If you're stuck for ideas have a look at these websites:

OPAL website Explore Nature

RSPB Young Explorers 


Just thinking about birds!

Provide water all year-round - A simple birdbath is a great start. Change water every 2-3 days in summer and use a heater in the winter.

Grow in the ground native plants - Select a variety of plants to offer year-round food in the form of seeds, berries, nuts, and nectar.

Do not use insecticides - These can kill insects that are a primary source of food for many bird species.

Keep dead trees - Dead trees provide homes for birds to raise their young and are places where insects can be found.

Hang outside a nesting box - Make sure the box has ventilation holes at the top and drainage holes below.

Build a brush pile - Start on the ground with larger logs and on top place smaller branches. Some birds will hunt, roost or even nest in brush piles!

Add a bird feeder - Bird feeders are great sources of food for birds during the winter months.

Reduce your grassed area - Grassed areas have little value to birds or other wildlife so think about replacing them with plants and other features.

 Visit the Pupil Zone! Things to do and Make.


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