Week 2 July: The Goldfinch

Week 2 July: The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch has a bright red face and yellow patches on both wings. The adult male and female are alike except that the red face of the male extends behind its ear. Juveniles are dull brown in colour and lack the red, black and white markings on the head. Goldfinches live all year round in all parts of the British Isles except the Scottish Highlands. They nest and can often be seen in trees, large gardens, orchards, open woodland and hedgerows.

What Goldfinch eat?

Diet: Tree seeds, teasel and dandelion seeds, insects and sunflower hearts.

Goldfinches eat small seeds such as thistles and teasels. Primarily vegetarians, in the spring and early summer they will eat and feed small insects to their young chicks. In the winter Goldfinches will visit gardens and bird tables and hanging feeders to eat Niger seeds and sunflower hearts.

What do birds eat? The Goldfinch


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